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No Commercial Excavation or Demo DIG cant handle. Brandon Ralph was Project Manager for RP Construction, overseeing all excavation for the Army Corps of Engineers, on a multimillion dollar project on Patrick Airforce Base. 


With Colorado growing so quickly, our team at DIG has been helping a lot of new and old residents of Colorado with New Septic Systems, and Waste Water Management. DIG will be Septic Smart licensed in more than 10 counties in the year 2018.


Line Building Contractors, step right up. DIG can cover all your civil footwork from foundations, to water, sewer, and gas service connections. Our founder, Brandon Ralph worked in Production excavation, building master planned communities, and working closely with developers, making their dreams, and future home owners dreams a reality.


From Military Contracts, to the most unknown, DIG Excavation has trenched and laid drainage for the Army Corps of Engineers and knows how to handle those contracts with care. 

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